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Napoleonic Campaigning in Italy

Napoleonic Campaigning in Italy
Les Grognards Blog "The sabre that Napoleon used at Marengo"

Napoleon's Drum and his Marshals

Napoleon's Drum and his Marshals
Napoleon Mulling over his battle plan

Napoleon reflecting by Iron Mitton

Napoleon reflecting by Iron Mitton
Quiet before the battle

Napoleon the morning of waterloo

More Iron Mitton Cartoons

More Iron Mitton Cartoons
Knock - Knock

Iron Mitton Cartoons

Iron Mitton Cartoons

Civility in wargaming

Civility in wargaming

Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Black Powder?!?!?Actually changed the game a bit

Once more into the breach - tba January 5th depending on schedules this time less river and less artillery. ANd perhaps more understanding of the rules - Really miss Bill Gilchrist's expertise on these rules. Who has provided remarkable clarifications even all the way from Scotland - Got a copy of issue 281 of Wargames illustrated and change the game a bit - Barry Hiltons Shervadino scenario complete with a Holy Icon and 2 priests and a Cossack foot commander left the table pretty much as is depicted on the map.
Same general objectives
The Redoubt - not shown
The Village
control access to the road network at the objective marker 4

Now the pics which again the french lost but had several Russian Units break

First Break test of the evening

The Valiant French Legere in square that eliminated a Russian half battery

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