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Napoleonic Campaigning in Italy

Napoleonic Campaigning in Italy
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Napoleon's Drum and his Marshals

Napoleon's Drum and his Marshals
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Napoleon reflecting by Iron Mitton

Napoleon reflecting by Iron Mitton
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More Iron Mitton Cartoons
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Iron Mitton Cartoons

Iron Mitton Cartoons

Civility in wargaming

Civility in wargaming

Friday, March 30, 2012

Black Powder AWI Petersburg 1781

Got this scenario from a friend reduced the size to introduce a newbie. (Luke had a lot of  fun playing and talked a friend of his to join us for the next game. Again this scenario was very fun hope to do the full thing this Friday and Saturday

Played part of a little scenario (amended) using Queens rangers and a Battalion of Hessian grenadiers as one Brigadeand then 2 battalions of British legion (21) n (18) with attached Cavalry rolled for the cavalry to come on against 2 militia (untested) a skirmishing group of indians and another unit of skirmishers Rebels had 2 light guns. Both Militia rolled 1's for stamina - but good die rolling kept these units on the table a long time

Fire dice reduced the effectiveness of the smaller legion units and i keep forgetting to reduce the melee dice for the cav being only 6 figures (Cav only engaged the artillery at the end.
But it was a fun little scenario (one blunder move - on my part - which saw the Hessian Grenadiers retreat off the table in 2 moves)But the Brigadier brought them back on. And charged forcing the beaten up Militia unit to retreat.
The funniest part was the burning of the farms - 3 failed command rolls resulted in 3 loyalist farms being set to the torch versus 2 rebels farms/church(armory) - Shades if the Mel Gibson movie the Patriot!
Marginal Rebel victory but there store house of Arms and powder ended up being hidden in a loyalist anglican church which was subsequently put to the torch for suspected rebel ties (courtesy of the British Legion infantry.) Tarleton took the Cav on a glorious "hollywood" charge uphill at a light gun stubbornly defended, but sure to be shatteredted the next turn darkness fell as the rebels were forced to retire knowing that Loyalist sympathies had been hurt by indiscriminate Pillaging by British troops,
I think.this will be an excellent game in April. I look forward to playing the whole thing on the 6th of April with my buddies.
Tonights game was a playtest to show someone else (a newbie) the rules and figures - he throughly enjoyed it. I played the British both times next time I will reverse the roles let him enjoy the superior British forces. Pics to follow.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Black Powder Orskany 1777 aagain

Having finally figured out the mechanics for warbands vs Indian Skirmishers/ This AWI action
will see some new militia units and hopefully some mounted and painted Indian's to match My buddy Bill in Scotlands OB. While I prefer our conventions for amenability gaming, I do like the way the weekly club in Edinburgh was organized as well as the hospitality that Hugh and his wife Suzanne showed me at the one Black Powder game I played at his house. Scottish wargamers seem to be much more boisterous and photogenic then folks over here. And you cant beat a hot meal after a great game truly a CLS tradition forgotten in some circles here in the states.

So onto the game for Friday night.
Hopefully two more units of VA Militia
and the 3rd VA line in light blue

For the Loyalist's finishing up the NY unit and perhaps doing Bills invented Imagine-Loyalist Regiment the Loyal NC in Adobe Red coats. Especially since hot weather in the Carolina's would have made the vegetable die fade.

The Game report
Andy and Steven had the British (3 Brigades) vs myself as the commander of the the Rebels.
The following units of One Elite Brigade of Brits, One Tiny unit of cavalry (forgot to subtract dice accordingly for Melee) and an artillery pieces were added to Bill's Orskany OB
One Steady Reliable brigade and two artillery pieces added to the Americans OB
variable Stamina's used for American Militia as well as British Indian Allies and Loyalist Brigade.

Initially the Americans advanced on the left while the British Iroquois's advanced in the center.
Forcing back the one unit of Rebel Indians and confronting and skirmishing against the American Center which was the strongest troops. Both Flanks failed to carry/assist the Center as it drove the British Indian Allies back into the deep woods.

Where the flank of the rear unit was enfiladed by The Highlanders.

The only bad moments were a forced blunder move by the British on the Indians that resulted in a charge and melee And then the Right Elite brigade rolled a blunder move for its far right battalion on a Follow me order. Blunder #5 one move to the right (RIGHT OFF THE  TABLE) that's what happens when you have a Scotsman giving an order to the British Essex battalion (I am so sorry was that command you gave us in English or Gaelic?)

The British Cavalry crushed the skirmishing unit sitting in front of the 1st Militia, then rallied back.

Charged a second time and destroyed the 1st Militia next after 3 rounds of Melee. The 1st Militia got a retire result right off the Table.

Similarly poor performance by the Militia on the left resulted in similar results.

So far the group has decided that these rules are great for AWI but not so great for Napoleonics.

So will start the Carolina Campaign in April with a break out battle out of Charleston as was done several years ago. Every one had a great time. Clearly a British victory.