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This is a blog I set up to chronicle my adventures in wargaming overseas in Scotland in 2011 and to continue following particular games overseas that I enjoyed with my new friends in Edinburgh. I look forward to finally updating this with more pics soon.


Napoleonic Campaigning in Italy

Napoleonic Campaigning in Italy
Les Grognards Blog "The sabre that Napoleon used at Marengo"

Napoleon's Drum and his Marshals

Napoleon's Drum and his Marshals
Napoleon Mulling over his battle plan

Napoleon reflecting by Iron Mitton

Napoleon reflecting by Iron Mitton
Quiet before the battle

Napoleon the morning of waterloo

More Iron Mitton Cartoons

More Iron Mitton Cartoons
Knock - Knock

Iron Mitton Cartoons

Iron Mitton Cartoons

Civility in wargaming

Civility in wargaming

Saturday, November 8, 2014

STAW 4th tourney

The Fleet Swap Iya won with my hodge pod fleet

I almost survived a complet game but flew Picard off the board mat

Two Klingon ships and a Bajoran and federation fightters

Circling the planet to avoid 4 on 2

Moments before Picard and the Enterprise sail off into a wormhole

Janeway into the Abyss

The other Tournament Star Wars Attack Wing

The fleet I faced with my New Bioship Energy focusing Beam destroyed 
the Vulcan ship in the back with three die rolls from the weak shall perish

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