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Napoleonic Campaigning in Italy

Napoleonic Campaigning in Italy
Les Grognards Blog "The sabre that Napoleon used at Marengo"

Napoleon's Drum and his Marshals

Napoleon's Drum and his Marshals
Napoleon Mulling over his battle plan

Napoleon reflecting by Iron Mitton

Napoleon reflecting by Iron Mitton
Quiet before the battle

Napoleon the morning of waterloo

More Iron Mitton Cartoons

More Iron Mitton Cartoons
Knock - Knock

Iron Mitton Cartoons

Iron Mitton Cartoons

Civility in wargaming

Civility in wargaming

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Camden in PA Cornwalis and Webster against Gates

Using 28mm AWI - I briefly visited an excellent group of gamers who were doing an AWI action refight of Camden - Sadly no pictures but the command I had of Webster's died gloriously one battalion at a time including the 23rd foot, the 33rd foot and General/Colonel Webster was shot from the saddle dying gloriously defending the regimental flags from pesky vermin militia.
Interesting turn sequences using a named card for each player to decide turn sequence.
Game went fairly quickly. Was going to re introduce the PaWM group to Black Powder but events sadly produced circumstances that saw this Southerner return home via Gettysburg and Gatlinburg Smokies Double AA Chicago Cubs farm club park.

So Fathers Day will see the Black Powder game played with Kennesaw MTN gamers

PS I got lost so many times in PA - I was very happy to come home to the wide open spaces of my southern home.

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