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Napoleonic Campaigning in Italy

Napoleonic Campaigning in Italy
Les Grognards Blog "The sabre that Napoleon used at Marengo"

Napoleon's Drum and his Marshals

Napoleon's Drum and his Marshals
Napoleon Mulling over his battle plan

Napoleon reflecting by Iron Mitton

Napoleon reflecting by Iron Mitton
Quiet before the battle

Napoleon the morning of waterloo

More Iron Mitton Cartoons

More Iron Mitton Cartoons
Knock - Knock

Iron Mitton Cartoons

Iron Mitton Cartoons

Civility in wargaming

Civility in wargaming

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sharps Practice 15mm French and Indian War

Mark Luthur - French and Indian War

Excellent game and scenario - Mark puts on a fun game as usual.
 Several shots of the peaceful garrisoned homestead unaware of the devastation soon to come
from raiding Indians and despicable French Canadians

Note the homestead Barn in the fore ground

Provincial Militia from Fort Necissity


another shot of the Provincials (looking to protect the farmers moonshne

Blind movement by Indians on the flank

Indians ambush unsuspecting Dutch Colonialists coming to rescue their Captains sweetheart

Although they had the element of surprise - the Indians lack numbers and
adequate supplies of good powder to do much real damage to the column

They soon ran back into the woods

Canadians set the Barn on fire

Brave Ranger Corporal stops advance of the Dutch to aid
the provincial militia and the other half of the Rangers

oops - the fire got to the moonshine in the Vorhees Barn - KABOOM

Fire burns intensely

French Canadians escape with hostages
Canadians beat the provincials in objectives and points set the Vorhees stone house on fire as well

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