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Napoleonic Campaigning in Italy
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Napoleon's Drum and his Marshals
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Napoleon reflecting by Iron Mitton
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More Iron Mitton Cartoons
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Iron Mitton Cartoons

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Civility in wargaming

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maroon Pirates Raid on St. Powders

from google.com 160th anniversary of Robert Louis Stevenson's birthday
Several weeks ago I began corresponding with Dave Cooper, who contacted me in response to a post on a Pirate gaming forum. It turns out he lives very close to my home (about 30 minutes away), but between family, work, school, church commitments and such, it seemed we were never able to get our schedules to match. Eventually, after several false starts, we were finally able to get together for a game.

Here are the pictures from the game at Dave's house last Saturday. It was great fun, even though I am not sure who, if anyone, won the game!

The basic premise was a couple of pirate crews raiding a town, where Dave and I each controlled one pirate crew, and the militia opposing each other's crew. The rules were a blend of Legends of the High Seas and some other sets that Dave had lying around, and when in doubt we just made stuff up!

Henry's ship (the Red Lightning) and crew (the box counted as below decks)

Dave's ship (the Grey Ghost) and crew

The unsuspecting town, behind a curtain of sea mist.

The pirate ships approach...

Brave militiamen row like mad to warn the town garrison!

Dave's pirates begin to disembark

The rest of Dave's crew disembark from his smaller ship.

Henry's ship approaches defenders hidden in the mist.

It's the governor's private yacht!

Board her ye scurvy sea dogs!

Meanwhile, Dave's brigands continue to move inland...

... and capture a cannon! Which they proceed to (ineffectually) fire at Henry's crew

Another band of Dave's pirates approach a building, eager for loot.

While Henry's buccaneers realize there's a cannon in their faces!

Nothing to worry about - the yacht and cannon have been subdued.

And the men are off after loot (in this case conveniently loaded on pack mules).

On the other side of town, the militia is quick to respond to the threat of Dave's pirates and prepare to open fire...

... only to be charged in the rear by yet another band of brigands!

Bring them back to the boats lads!

The loot is safely stowed on the captured yacht.

Meanwhile, some of the town militia troops manage to capture Dave's smaller ship (Cherue's Spirit) as it drifted...

And this was the scene after the final turn.

All in all, the game was very enjoyable, and it was a pleasure to finally meet Dave after several weeks of overly full schedules and too much "real life." I am very much looking forward to doing this again! Thanks Dave!

Captains Log October 1710- St Powders raid -

from Capitan'  Meurte of the Grey Ghost - Your welcome Henry, lookng forward to it, yes we can agree on how much "real life" interferes with gaming - especially as we get older. Appreciate your patience as we gobbled together a set of rules.  Excellent write up of the scenario Henry and the photos show just how good at photo journalism you are. Course shouts of "parley" were heard echoing from Henry's side of the village, which might explain the following totals for the Campaign. And the crew of the Grey Ghost were more than happy to attack the Militia when they gave us thar backsides. Using the Doubloon Campaign calculator the winner of this raid is clearly Henry and the crew of the Red Lightning.  While the The Grey Ghost was busy killing and burning and gathering shrubbery, The Red Lighning made out like the true pirates and scurvy dogs that they were.

Red Lightning 520 doubloons with losses 475 doubloons. (plus 4 new Eureka Pirate recruits) makes that final total to be 495 doubloons.

The Grey Ghost 241 doubloons with losses 80 doubloons.

Governor Grandeur & Garrison at St. Powders 200 doubloons with losses negative 5 doubloons.

This does not include the damage incurred from the raid, those figures and these have yet to be assessed and confirmed by LLyods's of Tortuga Solicitors.

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